JT RAMS = JT + RAMS. JT for Jerry Thull, the man who in 1982 started what has grown to become one of the largest

and most well-respected roofing companies in the upper Midwest. RAMS for Roof Asset Managmement Systems.

Our Commitment:

•Always use best practices – Nuclear Scan over IR

•Always put the clients needs over our own

•Always provide the best ROI for our clients

•We are in it for the long haul – by your side backing up our work and recommendations with manufacture warranty and support


The reality is; “consultants” do not have self-perform nuclear scanning capabilities due to the cost, complexity, time and experience needed to perform the nuclear scans.

Our competitors lead their sales initiatives with the inferior IR scan. Only when challenged with facts from the client do they work to find a third party for Nuclear Scanning.

The consultant wins the client loses.


Since 1990- The nuclear  surveys remain a core competency and a critical component of  the B-EControls program.

•B-EControls has 10 Nuclear Testing devices and over 20 trained/certified and experienced professionals who operate the equipment

•The experienced, certified field technician using this nuclear scan equipment is also experienced in all types of low slope and steep slope applications. 

•The certified technician has to be licensed with the manufacturer and the state department.