The following functions are a summary  of the sequences of events:

Prior to performing the actual EMS Program / Nuclear Scan:

  • Interview on-site stakeholder for:
  • Existing roof leaks
  • Questioning rooftop equipment problems
  • Taking core samples of roof systems, number of roof systems, and vapor retarder conditions if applicable-  Document Cross Section  and Layer Composition
  • Setting up a safety plan drawing for our safety monitor for fall protection
  • Layout of entire roof section grid pattern 10’ x 10’ area, spray painting each spot on the roof surface
  • All rooftop projections, metal edges, parapet walls, interior roof drains, and scuppers to be mapped out in accordance with the grid pattern
  • Nuclear scan will take a numerical reading at each point marking, and that number will be written on our field sheet 
  • If our indicator reads above our average reading, we will then be scanning inside of our 10’ x 10’ area, to detect higher readings.  These readings are also documented.
  • Core samples will be taken of the average reading and high reading
  • The reading time on each grid intersection will be anywhere from 7.5 seconds to 60 seconds for results
  • Enter all field data into a PC and printout moisture contour map - Our technology is built for managing the entire building envelope and works with Customer In House Systems

Nuclear testing is the only accurate nondestructive method:

•The R-50 when used by a trained roofing expert locates hidden moisture in flat and r50low slope roofs.

•Designed to identify areas needing repair before severe deterioration of the roof system occurs.

•Nuclear testing is the only nondestructive method to indicate the degree of moisture present, so you can distinguish five or more levels of moisture from slightly damp to completely saturated.

•The R-50 provides an objective method of evaluating flat roofs.

•It will increase your assurance that your recommendations for roof repairs will solve the problem.

• It can also provide assurance to you that only the roof that is being replaced, is that which truly needs replacement